PLUS 200 2PLT (cod. 200P2002PLT)


New product

Electronic control for double system management with the possibility of inserting an environment secondary probe to ensure the proper operation of the system in case of environment main probe failure. Can manage up to two compressors and two evaporators, operating in call rotation mode (for even utilisation) or with a double set-point.

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Data sheet

FunctionsFull cold room management, Double system management
User interfaceLCD (Plus series)
General protectionNot present
Compressor - typeSingle phase
Compressor - thermal protectionNone - max 2.7A (1HP)
Product typeElectrical panel with electronics
Evaporator- fans phasesSingle phase
Evaporator - fans power500 W
Defrost - typeWith heaters / off-cycle
Defrost - heaters phasesSingle phase
Defrost - heaters power1500 W
Light - power800 W (AC1)
Other characteristicsAlarm relay, Door switch, RTC defrost (clock), Telenet Pego supervision

More info

 Low temperature rooms with double safety system.
 Room with single motor condenser unit and double evaporator.

Main characteristics
 Single or double environment security probe.
 Single set-point with 2-system control and delayed start of second system, compressor rotation.
 Double set-point for gradual application of refrigeration power.
 Real time clock defrosts with one or two evaporators, each with end-of-defrost sensor.
 Display of ambient temperature, evaporator temperature, systems status.
 The Plus200 2PLT electronic controller allows complete control of all the units on a double-system refrigeration plant.
 Control of up to two compressors, double evaporator (fans and defrost elements) and room light.
 Double evaporator control occurs separately with double end-of-defrost sensor.
 Safety devices for the two systems are separate and room light can be controlled by door switch.
 Alarm relay fitted as standard.