NANO04 VD (cod. 10004VDX05)


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A line of power and control boards for refrigeration systems with three-phase compressors up to 2,5 HP that provide complete cold room management. You can control the room light and the stand-by system using the buttons on the thermostat. Integrated PEGO thermo-regulator controls compressor, ventilation, defrosting and light.

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FunctionsFull cold room management
User interfaceRed led small (Nano series)
General protectionFuses
Compressor - typeThree phase
Compressor - thermal protection1.8 - 2.5 A
Product typeElectrical panel with electronics
Condenser - type of fansSingle phase
Condenser - Total fan powerup to 800 W
Condenser - separated fansNo
Evaporator- fans phasesSingle phase
Evaporator - fans power250 W
Defrost - typeWith heaters / off-cycle
Defrost - heaters phasesSingle phase
Defrost - heaters power1200 W
Light - power800 W (AC1)
Other characteristicsDoor switch, Compressor oil heater, RTC defrost (clock), Night mode function, Telenet Pego supervision

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Designed to provide an immediate start-up and easy maintenance.
Direct control of compressor, condenser fans, compressor oil element, defrost elements, evaporator fans, solenoid valve, room light and all standard-compliant electrical safeguards.
Compact unit with self-extinguishing ABS housing panel and IP55 protection rating plus circuit breaker on front of panel.
Integrated PEGO thermo-regulator (Expert Nano 4CK).
System status indicated by display.
Key operated ON/OFF.
Cold room light ON/OFF switch with key or by means of door switch.
Key operated manual START/STOP defrosting.
Clock for programmed defrost (RTC).
Configurable multifunction output, alternative to the light output.
RS485 serial connection with Modbus-RTU or Telenet protocol.